June 08, 2006

Cameron is a moron

Isn't it strange. Despite all the pleasant vibes that his media savvy team (mainly from the media and westminster bubble) weaves around Mr Cameron every time he opens his mouth he ends up sounding like a total idiot? He decided to stick his nose into music and has decided, in his imperial wisdom, that Rap Music causes knife crime.
Mr Cameron singled out the station's Saturday night schedules which feature DJ Tim Westwood's hip-hop show.
Brilliant, it has nothing to do with the fact that kids are bored, scared, and have to protect themselves as nobody else will. It is nothing to do with the Welfare State fostering a culture of being able to get what you want without work, and working against people looking to their own resources.

No it is the fault of the style music they prefer, and one DJ in particular. Obviously Mr Westwood must be hung from the nearest lamp post and huge tanoy system blazing out Classic FM set up in every sink estate and all the problems with the world will be set right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On this one, I agree; blogger was down last night, so I wrote a slightly more scathing response on my journal. I hate it when mediums get blamed for the message; people live in sink estates, they sing aobut their life, it's "glorified" and thus they're encouraging it.

FFS, it's the other way around you morons, if their lives weren't like that they'd sing about something else. this comment at Conservative Home says it best I think...

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